"A great job in combining experience and statistics with strategy for poviding a way of escape for modern day slave victims." - Sue Mead, Knoxville, Tennessee




Legal Advocate - Radio Talk Show Host - Expert on Human Trafficking


Dottie Laster works to combat Human Trafficking and protect and restore victims of this horrific and fast growing crime.


To accomplish her mission Dottie has been featured in Texas Monthly Magazine and the New York Times Blog and published in the Houston Chronicle and the San Antonio Express News.


She is credentialed to practice immigration law with the Bernardo Kohler Center.


Dottie was trained by the Department of Justice to train law enforcement and others on the issue of Human Trafficking.


She has received the Guarding Angel Award, CYH Magazine's Heritage Freedom Award and the Alice Wright Franzke Femenist Award.


Dottie has successfully written over $6.5 million in grants to fund victim services.


She has participated in victim rescues and consulted on legal cases related to trafficking activities. Her mission is to make communities safe for victims and hostile to traffickers.


Dottie has been instrumental in securing t-visas for victims of trafficking and in creating policies and procedures as organizations adapt to the old crime under new laws.


Dottie's cutting edge internet radio show TRAFFICKED can be heard every Thursday at noon central on Here Women Talk Radio and she will be featured in an upcoming CNN documentary about the Long Island Murder case.


Dottie Laster