"Eye opening and criical awareness especially for human services and mental health professionsls." - Steve Wyatt, PhD Licensed Pscyhologist





* According to the Trafficking Victims Protection Act any government contractor whose employees, sub contractors, or their employees engage in human trafficking will lose all government funding.
* Due to the new PROTECT Act any US citizen who has sex with a minor while abroad may be prosecuted federally upon their return to the United States.
* The Trafficking Victims Re-authorization Act requires all organizations that receive funding to combat human trafficking train their staffs.
* The new anti-trafficking laws allow law enforcement to use RICO (racketeering) statues to seize all assets related to the crime.
* All victims of human trafficking may sue for lost wages, pain and suffering, and restitution from everyone involved in the trafficking.
* Human Trafficking organizations are infiltrating legitimate businesses and putting their staffs, customers, and executives in numerous civil and criminal risks.
* All invesitgators and law enforcement officials need training on the new criminal laws and mandates for victim protections of the anti- trafficking acts.
* Governments outside the US need training due to possible sanctions placed against countries that do not comply with the US State Department's annual Trafficking in Persons Report.
* Civil trial attorneys trained in human trafficking will be on the cutting edge of the next wage civil trial law. Awards in human traffiking cases have been extremely high.




Dottie, Selected to attend the first National Human Trafficking Conference in Tampa, FL with President Bush, Gov. Bush, Attorney General Ashcroft.

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Ricky Martin and Angel Saltos of the Ricky Martin Foundation assisting public schools in Houston, TX

Ricky Martin Foundation



Dottie and Actress Daryl Hannah - Orange County, CA / Training



Dottie and the Frederick Douglass Family Foundation invited to the White House

Frederick Douglass Family Foundation



CYH Magazine's Heritage Humanitarian Awards and Fashion Show in Orange County, CA

Dottie receiving the Freedom Humanitarian Award



New Branufels Mortorcycle Riders helping victims of human trafficking



Los Angeles Hilton - Global Peace Leadership Summit - His Royal Highness Prince Hso Khan Pha



UCLA - Global Summit Signing Ceremony - President Ngyuen, Former President of South Vietnam




Assembly Van Tran, 68th Assembly District, California State Legislature