"The training the Rapha House staff received from Dottie Laster was invaluable for our organization. While we all have studied these issues independently, Dottie was able to bring a level of experience and expertise to her training that benefited each of us. I cannot recommend her training enough for anyone who is serious about combating human trafficking." -Stephanie Freed and the Rapha House Staff





Human trafficking is a global crisis-there is more at stake than people realize. Fault does not just lie within those individuals who enslave or subjugate them. Fault lies within everybody who knowingly uses the products, goods, or services that are bought via the exploitation of others. Most of us don't realize how we drive the demand from human slavery. But, like any other commercial enterprise, the slave labor is driven by supply and demand. Both those who supply and demand can and should face legal consequences.



Dottie with Record TV film producers from Brazil and Houston ICE Asst. Spcial Agen



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Training, Consulting, Technical Support, Public Speaking, Grant Writing, for:


Staff training
Non profits
First responders
Private investigators
Law enforcement
Human resource
Film makers
Religious Organizations



Dottie, Homicide Detective Dean Fulcher, + Actress Daryl Hannah completing LGC training